Usually once a week I get together with my neighbour for some card making. Truth be told, the first couple of hours are spent gabbing and enjoying coffee and treats, but then we eventually get to business and pull out the papers, punches, glitter, etc. We typically start by figuring out what occasions are coming up – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – and will use that as our card making theme.

Adventures in Card Making – Doggone Good

Sometimes neither one of us will have any upcoming events, or sometimes we aren’t feeling overly creative. On those days it’s nice because my neighbour has a Cricut and her “Just Because” Cards cartridge has tons of ideas for us so we don’t have to think.

We had made the doggone good card in the past, and loved the way it turned out, so we attempted it again.

card making dog card cover

Once we figured out what colour scheme we wanted (green, purple with black and white) and got all the parts together, it didn’t take much time at all to make. We decided to put dimensional stickers under the dog to rise it up a bit. Also, since the card base was black, we cut out a smaller square in white to put on the inside to write our greeting on.

card making dog card for dog lovers

Overall, I really like the way this one turned out. The little doggie cut out is so darn cute, isn’t it? The gold thing below the bow on the neck is a glitter gem sticker – it kind of looks like a little bell doesn’t it? We debated putting on a goggly eye, but decided against it this time.

Adventures in Card Making – Make a Wish

card making make a wish card

Once again, this was another card making day with no particular theme. I was loving the look of white shiny glittery embossing ink on black, and my neighbour had just bought a little moons and stars stamp, so that became the inspiration for this ‘make a wish’ card.

Here’s everything we used:

  • white card stock for the card base
  • a pearlized white card stock that we embossed with the star pattern
  • black card stock
  • yellow card stock (or any punchy lively colour would be nice)
  • 2 sizes of star punches
  • a corner punch
  • we cut out 3″, 2.5″, 1.5″, and 1″ stars on the circuit
  • diamond white embossing glitter
  • stamps – moon/stars pattern and make a wish greeting
  • dimensional stickers to make the big star “pop” off the card

card making make a wish birthday card

At first we thought we might use the black stamped paper (with the moon and stars) as the main backdrop, but it was just too busy. Once we cut it into star shapes, it stood out much better. Since we had extras of the star shapes, I added 3 inside as well. I love putting some extra touches on the inside of a card, and it’s a good rule of thumb to add groups in odd numbers, so 3, 5, 7, etc.

I hope you were inspired by my adventures in card making – the any occasion edition. As always I’d love to hear what you think about these cards, or tell me about something you’re working on. Leave me a comment below, thanks!

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