I enjoy entertaining out-of-town visitors, and I have tons of guest room ideas, but no guest room yet. Since we were expecting some company for a few days, I decided to make little welcome packages for our guests. “Um, sorry you have to sleep on an air mattress, but hey, here’s a gift!”

That makes it better somehow, right?

Having just got back from travelling, I already had little soaps, shampoo and conditioner bottles and toothbrushes I could give, but I wanted to add a few other little touches as well.


guest room ideas welcome packages items


I went to the dollar store and found a couple of colourful fabric zipper bags (I think they are pencil cases maybe?), I also got a two pack of ankle socks, sleep masks and bath poofs.

I personalized the sleep masks with glitter sticker letters to spell out their names. Also, I had little glass jars from another project that I added some glitter shapes (confetti) and inspirational sayings to – like a little message in a bottle – they were just really cute I thought.

To round it out I added other useful items like hand sanitizer packages, a pen, individual mini dental floss packages,  a mini sewing kit, ear plugs, and I created and printed out a welcome card with our wifi name and password on it.

I wrapped everything in pretty green tissue and stuffed it into the bag.


guest room ideas welcome packages finished

When our guests arrived, they of course asked for the wifi password and I handed them their welcome packages. They were very surprised, and loved having a little gift to unwrap! Then I made them blow up their own air mattresses *evil laugh* – nah, I’m kidding, I let them have a few drinks first before we did that. LOL
You see, it’s a fine balance of making them feel welcome, but not too welcome to overstay. 🙂

Other guest room ideas you could include in welcome packages:

  • magazines or a local newspaper
  • bottled water
  • snacks – mini chips, nuts, fruit/nut bars or candies
  • moisturizer
  • lip balm
  • tissue packages

If and when we ever have a proper guest room, I’d love to incorporate some of these guest room ideas from First Home Love Life. She suggests a custom guest comfort basket, similar to the ideas I’ve shared, but I love the idea of a mini guest pharmacy with items like deodorant, makeup remover, pain reliever meds, hairspray, razors, sunscreen, things that might have easily been forgotten; this way your guests won’t have to ask you for them. I think that’s a really nice touch.

Also, I love the idea of having nice guest towels and a coffee/tea station set up in the room. And I’d have a nice framed copy of the wifi code on the wall too.

Do you have any guest room ideas you’d like to share? How do you like to welcome your out-of-town visitors? Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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