I’m pretty thrifty and when I got my new iPhone, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a case on top of what I had already spent. Plus, I’m pretty indecisive and I wasn’t sure what look I wanted – should I match the green of my phone, or should I get something funny or sparkly? A DIY phone case seemed to be my best option.

In the clearance bin at London Drugs I found a case in the exact green as my iPhone for only five bucks – score! I bought that and was happy enough with the matchy-matchy, but a year later it was looking drab and worn.

Being the crafty person I am, I spent some time thinking about my options for a DIY phone case. I got a little obsessed with the idea of trying marbling with nail polish or paints, but then I happened upon my box of old fabric scraps one day and found some while and silver star tulle. Since I have a thing for stars, I thought I’d try attaching the tulle to my case instead!

Before I could add the tulle, I knew that I would need to cover up the green. I found some spray paint in silver, so I used that as a base and it looked pretty sweet! Perhaps I should have left it at that because using mod podge on tulle without planning first is all sorts of messy! (my bad for not thinking that through)

DIY phone case mod podge tulle

I read up a bit on using mod podge with fabric, and it was suggested to add the mod podge to the fabric first and let it dry to prevent fraying. I wasn’t worried about fraying, but I thought it might make the tulle easier to cut if I did it that way.

I put down a sheet of parchment paper and I even ironed my tulle first! I used a brush to paint the mod podge onto the tulle, but what I realized is that because the tulle is so porous, I was basically attaching it to my parchment! I acted quickly and covered the case in mod podge too, then attached the tulle onto it.

What a mess! (sorry no photos because I was preoccupied with the goop!)

I hadn’t cut the tulle yet, so it was clumping together around the edges, and was not looking good at all. Learn from my mistake, and make sure you cut BEFORE adding the paste! There are templates online I think, or you can just simply trace the outline of your phone – no need to get super overly complicated, it’s just a diy phone case after all!

I managed to cut the extra pieces off while it was still wet, and I smoothed everything down the best I could. I found it helpful to have wet hands while handling the sticky case.

I let it dry overnight, then the next day I trimmed the edges rather than folding them over like I had originally planned. I added another coat of mod podge and while I was letting that dry, I happened upon some glitter – LOL funny how I just happen to find glitter around (I LOVE glitter, so there is always glitter around.) I had a can of spray acrylic sealer, and I thought that would help to smooth the bumpiness of the tulle and glitter combo. It did a bit, but not all glossy smooth like I had hoped.

I’m a bit impatient and excited when it comes to seeing the final product, so I might have rushed things a bit. I sprinkled on the glitter and sprayed the heck out of it with the sealer – then, I added a bit more glitter – I couldn’t help myself!

DIY phone case mod podge glitter

After letting it dry for an hour or two, I sprayed it with the sealer again. I really like the look of it and I wish the photos would show how it sparkles. The case has a bit of a rough-ish texture to it, like I mentioned above, but I like it since my hands sometimes feel sweaty holding my phone anyway.

In doing this DIY phone case, I learned that I should have planned ahead by making a template of my cell case cover with paper and cut my tulle first. Live and learn I guess. I also might not go with a mod podge finish, or use a better sealer because the case is a bit tacky / gummy. Otherwise, it’s kind of awesome, and has stood up to a lot of use and abuse.

Did you enjoy my DIY phone case tutorial?

I hope it helped you to find some inspiration to makeover your own project too. As always, I’d love to hear from you! Have you tried a DIY phone case makeover? Let me know in the comment section below.


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