You don’t need to have special punches, or fancy scrapbooking tools to make this Star Wars birthday card. I’ll show you how I improvised using what I had on hand.

My husband’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to make him a card that he might actually keep! While he loves my handmade cards (he says), he’s not one to hang on to sentimental pieces of paper, and doesn’t see a lot of value in cards to begin with.

I love a good creative challenge, and I was determined to figure out how to make a card he would love AND would keep for longer than a day or two.

Since my husband is a big fan of Star Wars, I consulted my favourite site for creative inspiration – Pinterest – to search for a DIY Star Wars birthday card. Many, many hours later, I found way too many cool ideas (some of which I’ll be trying and sharing later on), and decided that I would attempt the Star Wars birthday card I found on the site “Stamping with Rose Marie“. Thank you so much to Rose Marie because I LOVE the simple step-by-step instructions for making both Darth and Yoda. I had to improvise a bit since I don’t have any of the punches she used, but I was still able to fake it and make the same shapes using just my circle punch and by cutting rectangles.

For Darth’s head I used black card stock cut into a circle and two rectangles. My circle punch is 1.25″ and I cut the rectangles to match that size – it really was less about measuring and more eyeballing, which is typical of how I tend to craft (sometimes that works and sometimes I learn LOL). With the body I again eyeballed it to fit the head, cutting a larger rectangle, and then two long and narrow rectangle arms, which I rounded on the ends.

Since I don’t have clear embossing powder either, I again had to improvise and I went with the next best thing – black glitter. I probably could have used mod podge glossy, but I was too lazy to find it. The mouth part was drawn with my silver gel pen.
At first I was worried that Darth looked a bit too sparkly, but it grew on me and I like the different take on it. I found small black brads for his eyes to finish it off.

For Yoda’s head I thought I had a bird punch, but of course it’s never the size or shape you need it, am I right? So using green card stock I just freely cut the pokey shapes for his ears, and used the same circle punch (1.25”) I used for Darth for his head. His body is made to the same dimensions as Darth’s – one long tan/brown rectangle and two long narrow rectangle arms with the ends rounded. I didn’t have any more tiny black brads, so Yoda’s eyes are a bit bigger than Darth’s. I think it works though because it makes him look cuter somehow. Lastly I “engraved” some lines in his head with my fingernail – I’m sure a bone folder would have made it waaay easier, but I managed to make it work.

The lightsabers were easy – just a long red strip of card stock, and a green strip of card stock – both had the ends rounded too.

Star wars birthday card - Darth Vader VS Yoda

Since this had to be the most perfect star wars birthday card, I came up with “dialogue” for the characters which related to the birthday theme (getting old – HA!) I also added some stars (glitter confetti) to give it a more space-like backdrop. Here is the final card.

Star wars birthday card - Darth Vader VS Yoda Final

I was sooooo excited to see how my husband would respond to the star wars birthday card, and I wasn’t disappointed. He absolutely LOVED it, and he even took a photo of it to show off online. #WIN #SCORE! However, he was quick to inform me that Darth Vader never did actually fight Yoda, so I guess I was schooled. 🙂

So just in case you decide to make one of these Star Wars birthday cards for your own favourite Star Wars fan, just know that Darth fighting Yoda is an imaginary scenario. LOL

Star Wars Birthday Card UPDATE: it’s almost a year later and he still has the card on a shelf in his office!

I hope you enjoyed the DIY Star Wars birthday card, and I’d love to see your version if you decide to make one.
Also let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below!


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